Mexican veggie burgers

As it (fingers crossed!) gets closer and closer to summer, I’ve been trying to perfect my veggie burger recipe because that is my absolute favourite thing to barbecue. What I love about veggie burgers is that they can be so versatile and you can use so many different ingredients and flavours to make them even more amazing.

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Vegan brownies

Brownies are my absolute obsession and 110% one of my favorite foods! I have such a sweet tooth which is a bit problematic when it comes to healthy eating. I’m not vegan but I do try to avoid eating a ton of dairy so I’ve done a lot of experimenting with vegan dessert recipes which has actually been really fun and has helped me stay on track.

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Butternut Squash Pizza

This is probably one of my favourite recipes and definitely my go to dinner for a Friday night when all I’m craving is pizza and a movie!

My complete devotion to Pinterest is how I discovered alternative pizza bases and now I’m absolutely obsessed. I’m a huge sucker for junk food which is fine but I do try and put a bit of a healthy spin on some of my favourites just to stay balanced; I mean after this, I’d happily eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s with no shame whatsoever!

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