Top 10 Healthy Tips

I’d say it’s only been in the past two years or so that I’ve really gotten into health and fitness. Obviously, that’s a very broad term so say you’re into ‘health and fitness’ but I mean focusing on working out and really paying attention to what I’m putting into my body.

I want this blog to be more than just good food; I want to share with you my fitness tips, travel ideas and reading recommendations as well because that’s what I’m passionate about.

So, I hope these small lifestyle changes or tips (you may already do all of them!) help to inspire you this summer to really look after your body.


It sounds so obvious; if you want to be healthy, then work out. But, that’s a lot easier said than done. A couple of months ago I found I got really lazy with working out because I just always made excuses or just couldn’t be bothered. However, more recently I’ve started to make basically a workout timetable and I’ve found that such a good motivator. At the beginning of a week, with my other weekly plans, I’ll also write down when I’m going to go to the gym or go for a run and then I can tick it off as the week goes on. I find it’s so helpful because when you’re in that mindset of getting things done you will work out!


About a year ago, I signed up to my local gym and I find that’s been my biggest motivator because I’m paying for it, so I don’t want to waste my money! I actually really enjoy it and do find it more beneficial for me than to work out at home because I have more variety. However, if you don’t have a local gym or don’t like the gym; it’s not the end of the world!! I would recommend trying a bunch of different types of exercise (running, cycling, yoga, HIIT cardio) until you find something that you actually like doing because then you will actually stick to it and probably try even harder when you’re doing it.


I know it seems tempting to chill at the weekend, especially after a long week but I find going to the gym on a Saturday or Sunday makes me feel so good! Literally one of my favourite things to do on a Saturday is to go workout in the morning and then come home for brunch and then I just have so much more energy for the rest of the day. Also, if you do choose to workout at the gym; it’s so quiet the weekend.

  4. H20

Again, another tip that you’ve probably heard a thousand times: drink more water! I’ve recently gotten myself into a strict habit of drinking 2 litres of water per day and I think it’s been really beneficial to my body, but especially my skin. It makes me feel so much better if I know I’m staying hydrated and it avoids any chance of getting headaches from dehydration which everybody hates. Try and get yourself into this routine because after a while it will just become natural. I would highly recommend getting yourself a water bottle because it’s so much easier to measure and it means you can keep it with you wherever you go for the whole day. I have a water bottle which holds 0.5 litres so I know that if I drink 4 of those a day; it’s done!


I started using this app a little last summer and have recently gotten back into it. You’ve probably heard of it but it’s basically an app where you track what you eat, how long you workout/what you do and how much water you’re drinking. I don’t use is religiously because I don’t like to be strict on how many calories I eat in a day because it can be really dangerous for some people. However, I do like to use it sometimes to help me stay on track and record everything in one place.


Pinterest literally motivates me to no end; from workout ideas to workout clothes to healthy recipes. It’s my lifesaver! I could spend hours scrolling through pins but I find it helps me so much to stay motivated and inspired, working towards a goal. So, I would recommend just having a little scroll through some fitness or health boards to find some ideas.


I’m such a foodie so obviously something about dessert had to make it into this post. I love dessert so much so when trying to eat healthily, I do struggle. However, as you may have seen in a previous post, (I made vegan brownies) I’ve been trying to make some healthier treats. It’s actually easier than you think to make healthy desserts because there are so many recipes out there and so many amazing substitutes for normal baking ingredients that you would never even consider. I find it’s so good to have stuff like this because it’s a nice treat but you’re also staying on track and not ruining your healthy streak.


It is so much more motivating to have someone to workout with and someone to cook and eat healthy with because you can inspire each other and keep each other on track. Me and my twin sister always go to the gym together/run together and will try out different recipes for new dessert ideas. It’s so good to have someone else who is working towards the same goals because it just makes it easier to stick with it. One of the things I find as well is that if one of you is going to the gym, it will force the other one to go even if you’re not in the mood. Also, working out with someone else is a bit more exciting and stops you from getting bored.


So this tip is a bit rogue in that it doesn’t really make much sense just to say that ginger is a healthy tip. But, in the past few months I’ve started drinking a cup of ice cold water with grated ginger in it (almost) every morning. Ginger is supposed to be really good for helping to burn fat and for anti-inflammatory purposes and it also tastes super nice! I tried it with boiling water but I really hated it and I need my morning coffee but as it gets warmer/lighter in the mornings it’s nice to have a refreshing drink to wake yourself up.


This is slightly contradicting of a previous point I made of working out at the weekend but I would always recommend taking a day off! Working out 5/6 days a week is plenty and your body needs to rest. Because I like working out at the weekend, I tend to take off Thursdays because it works with my timetable for school and work. Instead of going to the gym or going running on this day, I’ll use that time to chill out and take care of my body which could be taking a bath or doing a face mask or meditating. After you work your body hard during the week, it’s important to also look after it and make sure it has time to recover so you can reach your long term goals instead of giving up after a week!



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