Mexican veggie burgers

As it (fingers crossed!) gets closer and closer to summer, I’ve been trying to perfect my veggie burger recipe because that is my absolute favourite thing to barbecue. What I love about veggie burgers is that they can be so versatile and you can use so many different ingredients and flavours to make them even more amazing.

I’ve found that recently, restaurants have started adding more vegetarian/vegan things to menus which is amazing but the veggie burgers are never that good, so I prefer to make my own. Although, I would recommend trying out Nando’s for one because they have at least four different options which is insane!

I do love testing out different flavours but I usually always stick with some kind of bean/chickpea for the base just because I find it sticks all the other ingredients together super well because veggie burgers are notorious for falling apart which is a nightmare when it comes to barbecuing them.

So, I hope you guys enjoy this really easy recipe and it gives you some inspiration to go all out this barbecue season!

img_5447img_5450All the ingredients are super accessible and relatively cheap if you’re on a budget; I try to use staple ingredients in my recipes so that I don’t end up with loads of extra random things that I end up having to throw away. img_5454img_5457When cooking them, you need to be patient because it can take awhile, especially if like me, you’re frying pan is on its last legs because they will stick. I sprayed a little oil down as well to crisp them up too. This step is optional because you could also bake them in the oven if you don’t have the time to stand in front of the stove for 20 minutes or so but I really think it is worth it!img_5462img_5463img_5464img_5449Obviously what’s a more perfect side to a veggie burger; sweet potato fries?! I’m absolutely obsessed with these so I make them all the time and they’re amazing and so much healthier than ones you get in restaurants or frozen ones. I find if you just stick to base ingredients and minimal ingredients then you know exactly what you’re eating and can make it as healthy as you like. img_5459

(Makes 3 burgers and 3 large servings of fries)


(For the burgers)

1 small red onion

3 cloves garlic

1 tin cannellini beans

2 slices wholemeal bread

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp cajun spice/fajita seasoning

2 tbsp diced jalepenos

2 tbsp salsa

Brioche burger buns

Optional toppings: kale/spinach, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise/vegannaise, barbecue sauce

(For the sweet potato fries)

2 large sweet potatoes

1 tbsp paprika

1 tsp olive oil


  1. In a frying pan, saute the onion and garlic until it is soft
  2. Drain and mash the cannelini beans and add in spices and onion and garlic mix
  3. Food process/blend the bread to make breadcrumbs and add in
  4. Mix together ingredients and add jalapenos and salsa
  5. Use your hands to form burger pattys
  6. Spray your frying pan with a small amount of oil and cook the pattys until they are completely stuck together and slightly crispy on each side
  7. Assemble your burger will all your toppings! I used ketchup, vegannaise, barbecue sauce and wilted spinach and kale
  8. For the fries, cut up your sweet potato into rectangular chunks
  9. Lay on baking tray and drizzle/spray with olive oil or coconut oil
  10. Sprinkle with paprika and bake (180 degrees) for about 40 minutes

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